Marc Bauer - drawings



Until 16 January 2016
Solo exhibition EMPEROR ME at Freymond-Guth Fine Arts, Zurich

Until 17 January 2016
S.M.A.K., Ghent
Group show The Bottom Line shows various aspects of drawing as a form of contemporary art: from abstract to figurative, from small format to large, from rapid sketches to slow, large-scale projects and from drawing as film to drawing as performance.
Curated Martin Germann and Philippe Van Cauteren

Der Sammler - Nachbilder
Wall drawing at the Museum Folkwang in Essen.
Museum Folkwang

 PUBLICATIONS, reviews, videos and articles 

Short lecture about the work Marc presented in the Albertina Museum for the Drawing Now: 2015 exhibition.

This short film documents Marc during the making of Cinerama in Frac Alsace. November 2014

Gurlitt und sein Künstlerfreund, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. September 2 2014

Docking Station, videos about the artists in the group exhibition in the Aargauer Kunsthaus. August 2014

Article in The Guardian about the Liverpool Biennial. July 2014

art Das Kunstmagazin by Gerhard Mack. May 2014

Cinerama, a report on the exhibition by Atalante Productions. March 2014

Donation Florence et Daniel Guerlain, Dailymotion. January 2014

Donation Florence et Daniel Guerlain, Liberation. December 2013

Totstell-Reflexe, Marc Bauer in Kunstmuseum St.Gallen, Mousse Magazine. October 2010


Cinerama was a series of exhibitions in the Frac Auvergne, Alsace and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (Paca). The exhibitions ended in Frac Paca in Marseille in 2015.

The Bottom Line, group exhibition in the S.M.A.K. in Ghent.
Marc Bauer has done a new mural drawing specially for S.M.A.K. based on Aviso Aperto, a series of works he did in 2005 that is based on old family photos and tells the story of his grandfather, who emigrated from Italy after WWI.

Bauer revived this personal history and linked it to the present crisis in and around Europe: the proliferating streams of migrants across the continent and the destruction of cultural heritage such as the temple in the Syrian city of Palmyra, which is now no more than a memory or an image.
In Bauer’s drawings, ruins refer not only to this recent destruction, but also to the ruin as a motif in art history that represents ’transience’ and ’the tragedy of culture’.

Bauer combines the collective history with autobiographical anecdotes to form fragmented storylines of real and imaginary memories. He employs drawing as a means of recording, studying and creating atmosphere.